• Can I become a Usitter if I am under the age of 18?

    Usit requires sitters to at least be 18 years of age.

  • Why do I have to input my credit card and Stripe account?

    Usit requires you to input your credit card for a cancellation fee if you cancel a job that you are booked for at any time. If you cancel a job that you are booked for, you are charged $20 as credit that goes to the parent. If you are not booked for a job and remove your application, you are not charged a fee. 

    To make payment easy and convenient for you, Usit requires you to input your Stripe account so that you can receive money after the parent rates you. Money is transferred seamlessly through the app into your account right after the job has ended.

  • Does my address when I click the map need to be exact or can I edit it after I click a location on the map?

    Your address does not have to be your exact address when you are using the map.It can be an approximate location. Please edit your address to your exact location after clicking the location on the map. We have you choose an approximate location to help us find jobs near you!

  • Once I apply to the job, is the job mine?

    Once you apply to the job, the parent gets a notification and can view your profile. Other students can apply to the same job as you. If the parent books you for the job after viewing your profile, you will get a notification that you are accepted for the job. The job is yours once the parent books/accepts you for the job.

  • If I have to cancel the job, do I get charged?

    You will only get charged if you cancel a job that you are booked for. The fee is $20. We understand that conflicts arise and if /when they do, please take the time to notify the parent that you will no longer be able to babysit whether it be 48 hours before or a couple of days before the job begins. Two (2) cancellations results in suspension from Usit for a year where you will not be able to apply for any jobs. Please make sure you are available for jobs when you apply for them! Any ‘no show’ will result in permanent suspension.

  • What is the time frame a parent has to accept me?

    A parent can accept you at his/her convenience. We recommend that parents accept/book a student at least one day before the job starts.

  • When the job has ended, do I have to do anything on the app to end the job?

    When the job ends, remind the parent to rate you on the app for the job to complete. Remember to rate the parent after the parent rates you. Once both the student and parent rate each other, the job will be finished. You will receive payment through the app and a receipt in your email.

  • How does the rewards system work?

    You receive 1 point for every job you complete. You will receive 2 points for every 5-star rating a parent gives you.

  • Can a parent request me for a consistent amount of days or can they only request one job for one day at a time?

    A parent can only post a job for one day at a time. If they need you for multiple jobs, they would have to create a job each time and accept you for each job.

  • Do I have the option to contact the parent beforehand?

    Once the parent accepts you for the job, you can view the job through the app and there is the option to contact the parent. Usit recommends that you contact the parent as a confirmation once they accept you for the job.

  • Is getting a background check required? How will the parent know that I am background checked?

    Getting a background check is required. When you apply for a job, the parents will see a blue icon above your picture that says “background checked.” They can click on your picture and view your full profile.

  • Can I choose what rate I want to charge?

    Parents choose the rate they charge when they create the job. You can put your usual rate on your profile under “additional description.” However, the parent chooses the rate when they create the job.

  • Do I get a notification every time a job is posted or do I have to constantly check the app?

    Every time a job is posted near you, you get a notification. You can go on the app and view the job. If the job fits with your schedule, apply!

  • Does Usit charge a fee?

    Yes, Usit charges an additional 17% fee to the total of each job to Parents as well as a fixed $2.99 per job to Students.


    Usit is a Third Party Settlement Organization. We only provide 1099-k forms for student's who have made over $20,000 dollars in income. You will not receive a 1099-k form if you do not meet the criteria.  However, students are still individually responsible for reporting their taxable income and should consult their tax advisor about any information they need to gather.