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Usit connects households to college students, creating more opportunities for students and more possibilities for parents. Usit provides babysitters from several institutions and is currently available in:
Atlanta | Houston | Tampa

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  • I had full confidence in my Usitter before I even met them!
    - Crosby F. (Parent)

  • The best thing about Usit it their customer service. Whenever I have questions about the babysitting job, I call or email and they answer very quickly and are always willing to help.
    - Amina M. (Parent)

  • Usit provides both students and families with the outmost convenience and service! I don't ever have to waste time searching on facebook and asking around for available babysitting gigs anymore. Love this app!
    - Fauziya A. (Usitter)

  • Usit is the best thing to happen to college students. Redefining the term "broke college students.
    - Anthony M. (Usitter)



Parent’s can customize their specific requirements for a babysitting job.


You can view which students applied for your job.


Get access into each student’s profile to see their rating and comments from other parents.


  • Do I have the option to contact the student beforehand?

    Once you book a student for a job, you can view the job through the app, and there is the option to contact the student through text or Facetime! Usit recommends that you contact the student as a confirmation once they accept you for the job.

  • Why do I have to input my credit card to register?

    Usit requires a credit card to register before you post a job. You will not be charged until you complete a job.

  • When I tap on my address, does it have to be exact? Will I be able to edit the address after I click it on the map?

    Your address does not have to be accurate, just proximate of where you live. We use the address to help students pick a job in their area. Once you choose a babysitter, it is recommended that you communicate your actual address, so they have no trouble finding it.

  • Can I contact and speak to my Usitter applicants before accepting one?

    No, you can only get access to their contact information after you chose one.

  • Why can't I edit the job once it's posted?

    We do not have the option of editing the job after it has been published or live. But you can always delete it and make a new one. If you make a change to a job where you have already accepted the student, make sure to inform him/her of the modification.

  • When the job has ended, do I have to do anything on the app to finish the job?

    Once the job ends, you will have the option to refer and rate the student. Once both you and the student have rated each other, the job will finalize, and the student will receive payment through the app. You will receive a receipt sent to your email.

  • Can I choose what rate I want to charge?

    Yes, the only requirement is that it has to be above $12.

  • Do students have a bio?

    Yes, once students have applied for the job, click on their picture and you will see what school they go to, what year they are in, and a short bio.

  • Are all students background checked?

    Not all, only students who have applied for a background check. Background-checked students will have a blue ring around their profile picture.

  • How do you verify students?

    We verify each student attends the college they claim to attend by verifying the school email they provide us with. Further, those students that apply for background checks, we use Onfido, a background check company, to verify their identity. Keep in mind, all college students are background checked prior to starting college.

  • Who do I contact if there is an incident with the Usitter and my child?

    You can call Usit at +1 (770) 515-9192 or email us at admin@usit.care

  • Do I get charged for canceling a job?

    No, you do not. Please try to refrain from canceling the day of the job as students change their schedule for your babysitting job.

  • My babysitter isn't here, but the job started.. what do I do?

    First, try to contact the student through Facetime or Text Message. They could be running late because of traffic. If they do not respond you can call Usit at +1 (770) 515-9192 or email us at admin@usit.care and we will try to send someone!

  • I want a refund, what do I do?

    Call Usit at +1 (770) 515-9192 or email us at admin@usit.care and explain why you would like a refund. We will proceed accordingly.

  • Am I always guaranteed a babysitter?

    No, but we have a lot of students available that apply to jobs. We have an average of three students applying per job. If you are having trouble finding a babysitter then we recommend increasing the hourly rate and if that does not work, feel free to reach out to the Usit team, and we will do our best to help.

  • Can I make a job automatically recurrent?

    No, you will have to create a new job every time you need a Usitter.

  • Does Usit charge a fee?

    Yes, Usit charges an additional 9% fee to the total of each job to Parents as well as a fixed $2.99 per job to Students.